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The unique software that we provide offers all the basic functions needed to conduct business in the presented area. We create dedicated modules for the individual needs of our clients.

How Tool is that?

Very Tool. Discover innovations for your company!

Very Tool is a device created by the Appgreat. A team of experienced specialists and technological enthusiasts joined forces to introduce tools that will improve, optimize processes, ease workload,  and reduce customer waiting time. Very Tool helps at every level of your business – from the management, through contractors to recipients of the service. Discover the possibilities of advanced technology in an intuitive and easy-to-use form. Discover the Very Tool!

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Work improvement
Greater efficiency does not necessarily mean costly hiring new employees. Very Tool means faster response and more efficient operation!
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Reducing queues is a reduction of customer dissatisfaction. Very Tool allows self-service at the highest level!
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Process support
Thanks to the flexible capabilities of the Very Tool, solutions will be tailored to the needs of your company. Relieved staff will become more efficient and job satisfaction will increase.
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Cash payments
The possibility of integration with the NeoPay platform and cash payments make using the tools easy and comprehensive. Just ... Very Tool.
Operational areas

Solutions tailored to your business!

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Very Tool for Industry
Kiosks and process automation devices are tools that will work perfectly. Factories and production departments supported by modern solutions are not only more modern, but also more efficient and employee-friendly.
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Very Tool for Office
A modern company is one that can benefit from technological advances. Innovative tools not only facilitate your work, optimize processes and help you finish individual tasks faster, but also increase your prestige in the eyes of customers, potential employees and competitors.
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Very Tool for Gym
Insight into the schedule and it’s changes. Signing up has never been easier! Help your employees by automating some of their duties and allow customers to register quickly and independently!
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Very Tool for Fun
Nobody likes standing in lines, having no place to park, or looking for cash. Thus, if your business is related to the entertainment industry, Very Tool will help to provide your customers with the highest level of service, without unnecessary inconvenience.
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Very Tool for Automotive
The interior of the car full of modern solutions should not differ from the tools supporting their distribution. The Very Tool facilitates not only getting information on individual models, but also the sales process itself - contract printing, invoice, etc.
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Very Tool for HelpDesk
If you want to help, do it at the highest level! During direct contact with the client, the first impression cannot be underrated. Create your fully professional image, technologically advanced and attentive to the client's needs.
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Your way of doing business

Intuitive management

The new approach to management will not only facilitate the work of your people but above all improve efficiency, optimize processes and generate savings. Check what you get with the Very Tool!
  • Perfect Match
    Discover the tools that will surprise you with better compatibility with your industry. Choose the right devices and gain new possibilities!
  • Very Tool business style
    Modernity, dynamics, customer orientation, and high competitiveness. Here are the values of Very Tool solutions. Is your business ready for it?
  • Unlimited possibilities
    High personalization, the comfort of use and intuitiveness of each Very Tool device will allow you to meet the needs of customers like never before.
New business version

Discover Very Tool for your company!

Check what innovation means at its best. Optimize processes and use the latest technologies!